Arising Need To Touch. Hug / Kiss / Handshake?

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Come to think of it, why do we need this ritual where with everybody we meet we have to touch our arms together? True, in most Latin cultures, the handshake is replaced having a kiss or two. But isn’t that in some way intimate for individuals that are just pals? Why all this touching?

I thought I would investigate this a few years ago. My real interest was to uncover if touching would likely somehow make men and women “nicer, ” especially towards strangers. But I couldn’t bust the lawsuit difficulty: if I asked participants in a experiment to touch the other, surely someone would be touched inappropriately and I would get sued. And for most of us, being forced to touch someone is weird and uncomfortable. Touch ought to be freely given and accepted to get a positive effect.

Thus, what to do? Many of your experiments I function…

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